Steven E. Waldren, MD

Director, Alliance for eHealth Innovation


American Academy of Family Physicians

Steven E. Waldren, M.D., is nationally recognized expert in health information technology. He is the director at the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Alliance for eHealth Innovation. Waldren joined the AAFP in May 2004 because of his knowledge of design and management of health information systems, computer science, and medical informatics. Prior to joining the AAFP, Dr. Waldren was a National Library of Medicine Medical Informatics Postdoctoral Fellow at the Univ. of Missouri, Columbia; At which time, Dr. Waldren earned a Masters Degree in Medical Informatics.  Dr. Waldren is also a residency trained family physician.  Besides his role at the AAFP, he also participates in many national health care informatics initiatives including Vice-Chair of the ASTM International E31 Health Information Standards Committee and Past Commissioner of the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Access and Payment Commission (MACPAC).



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