Sachin K Patel

Director of Technology


Center of Telehealth, Medical University of South Carolina

Sachin holds multiple roles through his passion and foresight to co-found Health Information Technology Solutions,  was born early in his appointment as CTO and Director of Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles (TACHL) Systems Architect. He was a systems analyst for the Center for Biotechnology & Genomic Medicine at Georgia Health Sciences University from 2005-2009. He then went to the private sector where he was a senior software analyst and data scientist for where he oversaw the efficiency of a high throughput, n-tiered data architecture. He has knowledge and comprehension in working with bluetooth technologies, RFID, machine language protocols and mobile smart phone technologies using IOS and Android program formats. 

Sachin has led design, development, publication and licensure of over 90 Digital Health systems to facilitate data transfer from various remote monitoring devices to a secure n-tired server system where feedback graphs, charts and summary reports are generated and forwarded back to users via smartphone applications. Since joining MUSC in 2012 has overseen funding over $40 million where is had married his Big Data expertise acquired as part of the MSc in Bioinformatics from Oxford to population health arenas of mHealth, telehealth, digital health and healthcare IT systems.



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