Morgan Reed



ACT | The App Association

Morgan Reed is President of ACT | The App Association. He also serves as Executive Director of the organization’s Connected Health Initiative (CHI).

Mr. Reed is a widely respected expert on the government impact on technology innovation, and specializes in app industry issues relating to health, data security, and privacy.  He promotes the health IT industry’s ability to improve patient care, while advocating for policies that allow mobile medical app and device makers to continue to provide innovative health care solutions.  Mr. Reed served as the HIMSS legal and policy chair for mobile health during the development and analysis of the FDA’s rules on mobile applications, and currently serves as a member of the American Medical Association’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group (DMPAG) working on issues related to telehealth reimbursement.

Experienced as a coder and business owner, Mr. Reed has led ACT | The App Association’s growth into the leading voice for app companies, representing more than 5,000 app makers in the mobile ecosystem. Hisexpertise and knowledge has been sought by the House and Senate in multiple hearings, while his commentary and insight is a major draw for news outlets around the country.



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